The Role of Personality in Leadership


About the tutorial:

Personality is the drive that take us to the next levels in life. It has a huge impact on our personal and professional growth. When it comes to leadership, personality plays an essential element in drawing the path to lead. Building strong habits that will make you move up the leader is the main concept of this tutorial. You will get a chance to hear from a professional who has started his own business from scratch and lead to one of the successful business in the market. The video will give you a chance to understand his approach in leadership which will help you to grow in your own journey. Life is full of unknown surprise that is going to shape your personality and leadership skills.  

This video will give you a solid ground to stand on when it comes to expanding your expertise in leadership using your personality to charm success your way. The aim is for you to learn from his experience, struggles, success, and failure, so you can integrate your own ways to his methods to achieve your own goals. 

Learning Objective:

After completion of the tutorial participants will be able to:

  • Build a relationship between personality and leadership skills
  • Master leadership skills to lead team


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Errol Goveas

CEO of Pure Magic Exhibition and Conference Organizing,

Errol is the CEO for Pure Magic Exhibition and Conference Organizing, he created the company in 2005 and it has seven divisions. The company grew into a multimillion dollar organization over time.  He has worked with diverse client from different background in the event industry. He trained coaches, professionals and lead group sessions to guide them to develop their entrepreneur and leaderships skills. He started his career in the aviation industry but eventually he followed his passion to the stage. Twenty-three years ago he arrived to the UAE with huge ambition that lead him to a successful life.

Tutorial content (37minutes):

Module One: Personality and Leadership

29 min to complete this module

In this module you will get to discover the skills required to be a successful leader and evaluate your team members to ensure a productive workforce.

  • One Video – 29 min

Module Two: Personality and leadership connection

8 min to complete this module

In this module you will have a presentation that takes you through the necessities to develop your leadership skills keeping in mind your personality characteristics.

  • One reading – 5min
  • One activity – 3min

Discussion Forum: