Meditation For Busy Professionals

500.00 AED

About the course:

Meditation plays a huge role in maintaining physical and mental health. It has proven to have a better brain capacity and resilience to any stress. Research has shown that four out of five successful people attribute their success to daily meditation. Life can get very stressful and busy which most of the time leads to affecting our health and progress. So, it is very important to have time for ourselves and take care of our bodies. The course content is designed to help you discover your talents and skills by building up their infinite energy and releasing any external and internal blocks. The aim is to manifest healing energy is to train your brain to shift positivity through meditation.

This course is created and designed to raise you and bring you to a state of connection, clarity, and presence with yourself. A healthy body plus a healthy mind is equal to a happy life and this is the goal of the course. The course will definitely help you to achieve a happy life mentally and physically.

Learning Objective:

After completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Develop their problem-solving ability and sharpen their concentration
  • Expand their inner strength and confidence
  • Build up their ability to think quickly and on their feet
  • Improve and enhance their quality of overall life


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Kim Shelar

Meditation & Mindset Coach and the founder of MIE MIND, Dubai

Kim is a Meditation expert, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach. She believes that “Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world” and that forms the foundation of her approach. She spent 16 years in the corporate space before she moved to this realm, her vision is to bring the benefits of mind potential and energy into the lives of people that spend most of their day in their office and business. She has her own company called “MIE MIND”, where she conducts various training and energy healing courses.

Course content (Two hours and three minutes):

Module One: Shielding

18 min to complete this Module

The first module of the course looks at how to shield yourself from all the negative energy and stress around you. We look at the shieling process in-depth to explore its benefits in improving self-control, better self-care, and reducing pain.

  • Two Videos - 15min
  • One questionnaire activity– 3 min

Module Two: Grounding

21 min to complete this Module

The second module will look at “Grounding” techniques and the ability to return to the present moment with sustained attention. You will learn how to focus on breathing to promote better emotional control. Think about grounding mindfulness meditation as a space where you get disconnected from the outer world and connect with your inner peace.

  • Two Videos - 16 min
  • One activate (can be via Padlet) – 5 min

Module Three: Alignment

21 min to complete this Module

The third module of the course is all about alignment and bringing together balance to all the different elements such as expression, wisdom, love, and more. You will get the chance to experience unity with all there is and understand the spiritual and universal laws that are beyond our dimensions. This will lead you to build energy and strength to focus on your own path by living your purpose.

  • Two Videos - 18 min
  • One questionnaire activity– 3 min

Module Four: Karma Cleanse

23 min to complete this Module

The fourth module of this course will look at “Karma Cleanse”, which is all about cleaning and getting rid of everything that is bothering you. Cleansing karma is like washing dishes, and throughout this module, you will experience selfless feelings by letting go of anything that is limiting your progress and peace of mind.

  • Two Videos - 20 min
  • One questionnaire activity– 3 min

Module Five: Stepping into Abundance

30 min to complete this Module

The final module in the course will look into how to encourage yourself, and set your mind to achieve your own goal. The world is full of opportunities; you must know how to manifest the energy around you to convert it into actions that are going to make you thrive and that is what you will experience in this module.

  • Two Videos – 20 min
  • Complete the Mediation Journal for 4 days – 10 min

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