Meditation For Busy Professionals

500.00 AED

4 out of 5 successful people attribute their success to a daily meditation. Research has proven that meditation has positive effects on physical health, better brain capacity & resilience to any stress. This meditation for busy professionals, is created for you or someone you know that wants to try meditation, but doesn't know where to begin. & honestly may not have the time or mental space. Every meditation is not more than 10 mins, so effective & time efficient. I truly know how stressful life can be with long winded days, business targets & no time for self. On the other spectrum, I also remember waking up & going to an office & feeling “No sense” of connection & fulfilment. With that in mind this program has been created to raise you & bring you to a state of connection, clarity & presence --- with yourself.

Benefits of Meditation

  • - Clears brain fog & fatigue
  • - Keeps your head above the water in stressful times
  • - Sharpens concentration & problem solving ability
  • - Helps one relax & rejuvenate
  • - Brings about inner strength & confidence
  • - Improves 'thinking on the feet' ability
  • - Improves & upgrades the quality of overall life.

Meet Your Instructor

Kim is a Meditation expert, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach. Having spent 16 years in the Corporate space before she moved to this realm, her vision is to bring the benefits of Mind Potential & Energy into the lives of people that spend most of their day in their office & business.

Kim began her meditation journey back in the 10th, by practicing the techniques of Mind Control. She has worked with over 3000 clients inclusive of groups, corporates & personal clients by helping them tap into their own gifts & talents by enhancing their infinite energy & releasing blocks. Through her company MIE MIND- she delivers Mind shifting training, meditations for different phases & manifesting’s & energy healing. She also offers a range of Sub-Conscious Priming products to awaken & engage one’s sub-conscious mind to work in alignment with their desires & goals. She has been featured on several magazines, podcasts & interviews for her thoughts & techniques to create a lifestyle of Manifesting. She features in BIG FM radio (Dubai) daily with a Reflective thought.

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Kim Shelar

Meditation expert

Kim’s belief is – “ Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world” and that forms the foundation of her approach.