Leadership Coaching


About the Tutorial:

Leadership coaching is a powerful tool that business leaders from different backgrounds need to maximize the performance of their team members for better outcomes. To lead you must be able to give clear instructions. Also, you must be compassionate to increase your power of persuasion and influence. It is essential to eliminate any gap in the way that might stop the connection between you and your team or customer or prospects or decision-makers. Being effective in communication while presenting is a game-changer. It allows you to be persuasive and influence impact. Success is what everyone looks for to feel validated and accomplished. It is all about tabbing into the emotions and making hard decisions to understand what is required to move forward and not be stuck.

This tutorial will help you enhance your communication skills to have passionate and effective communication. The heart is what drives the passion and pushes us to work hard to cross endless limits. When the heart and mind connect with the surrounding it results in more productivity. The goal is to make emotions, and logic integrated to produce better results and outcomes.  


Learning Objective:

After completion of the tutorial participants will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Build stronger connection between their emotion and logic


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Developing Leadership Communication Global Keynote Speaker, Dubai-UAE

Rohit is a communication wizard that aims to help people to speak clearly resulting in outstanding leadership. He helped leaders, teams, and individuals to embrace conflict and emotional wisdom. He believes that the ability to speak and deeply listen enriches all aspects of our life. So, he aims to avoid unclear communication because it is the cause of weak and damaged work, business, relationships, and life. His work of leadership includes the four noble truths: courage, clarity, conviction, and compassion. 

Tutorial Content (3 minutes):

Module One: Leadership Coaching

3 min to complete this module

This video will give you a brief idea about how important is communication to lead your team and connect with people to promote your ideas. This clip will make you understand how powerful is communication for leaders.

  • One Video – 2:31

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