Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition & Exercise

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About the course:

Nutrition is an extensive topic that many aspects contributes to it. Controlling all the factors that will affect your nutrition health is a great skill. The body is a gift that we need to take care of, and that includes maintaining healthy nutrition that has various benefits such as sleeping well, feeling energized, taking care of the skin, and more. Building a foundation of good habits will create a healthier lifestyle to adapt to your current need will lead to nurturing your life for a healthier version of yourself. Nutrition is not only about dieting and cutting calories, on the contrary, but it is also about understanding your body's needs and burning calories in the right way to maintain your well-being. 

This course will teach you the latest information about being healthy while exercising. That will give you the chance to transform this knowledge into daily routines that will change your lifestyle. It will build confidence in managing health and physical aspects to fit your life schedule and needs. This course is designed to help you dance your own dance of your life in a way you have never danced like before.


Learning Objective:

After completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between the hidden weight
  • Acknowledge your fears and understand your body needs
  • Know the nutrition of a different kind of food
  • Importance of hydration on the body and brain function
  • Understand the concept of burning calories
  • Identify vitamins, snacks, and all various types of food supplements


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Sandra Martinho

International Author & Nutritionist, Dubai

Sandra is a therapist, coach, teacher, and nutritionist. She holds a Master's degree in Psychology. She has experience in NLP, traditional Chinese medicine, aesthetics, and nutrition. Sandra is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a teacher, a spiritualist, a storyteller, and a survivor. She is all of that and much more. She is a huge believer in “I am what I am, not what I was or what I will be!.” She has a lot to offer and teaches you from her experience of guiding different individuals from different backgrounds.

Course content (Three hours and fourth-eight minutes)

Module One: Preparing the Foundation

20 min to complete this module

The first module of the course will explain the foundations of building healthy habits. This will help you to maintain longer habits that will change your lifestyle.

  • One Video – 3:05
  • Two Reading – 7:00
  • Two Activity– 10:00

Module Two: Where I Stand!

13 min to complete this module

This module of the course will explain to you different aspects of nutrition, which will give you a chance to understand where you stand and how to move forward.

  • One Video – 2:43
  • Two Reading – 3:00
  • Three Activity– 7:00

Module Three: Body and Food – Basic Structures

18 min to complete this module

The third module of this course will explain the food categories and the nutrition it contains that benefits the body.

  • One Video – 3:19
  • Two Reading - 10:00
  • One Activity – 5:00

Module Four: The Building Blocks and the Energy “Increase”

13 min to complete this module

This module of the course will take you one step deeper in understanding how to build your nutrition intake to reach the goal you set for yourself.

  • Two Video – 5:22
  • One Reading – 3:00
  • Two Activity– 5:00

Module Five: Hydration; Dehydration and Brain Functioning

16 min to complete this module

The fifth module will take you through the journey of understanding how important is wat and hydration are to your boy and brain.

  • Two Video – 7:02
  • One Reading – 4:00
  • Two Activity– 5:00

Module Six: Glucose; Thermogenic and Calming Foods/Drinks; Diet Plan

22 min to complete this module

This module will teach you how to understand food supplements and plan your own diet plan. This will lead to a better maintain a healthy nutrition intake.

  • Two Video – 9:17
  • One Reading – 3:00
  • Two Activity– 10:00

Module Seven: Merging Diet with Exercise; Heart Rate

25 min to complete this module

The seventh module will explain how to merge your diet plans with your physical activities. Understanding how to integrate both will improve your heart rate, which lead you to be more active and healthier.

  • Two Video – 14:21
  • One Reading – 4:00
  • Two Activity – 7:00

Module Eight: Sleep – Best practices and Circadian Rhythm

18 min to complete this module

This module will illustrate how all the previous knowledge learned from the course will lead to a better sleep quality that will support the body in its journey of being healthy and active.

  • One Video – 5:47
  • One Reading – 4:00
  • Two Activity – 8:00

Module Nine: The Power of Breathing; An Alkaline Body

17 min to complete this module

This module will explain the importance of breathing in the process of enhancing your nutrition and physical activities knowledge.

  • One Video – 5:30
  • One Reading – 4:00
  • Two Activity– 7:00

Module Ten: The “G.R.A.H. Vitamins; States of Mind

24 min to complete this module

The tenth module will focus on your mental health during your journey of creating new healthy habits to improve your nutrition and exercise activities.

  • Two Video – 9:40
  • One Reading – 4:00
  • Two Activity – 10:00

Module Eleven: Snacks and Supplements; Daily Routine; Bonding All

27 min to complete this module

This module will emphasize the importance of snacks and supplements in the daily routine, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and an active body.

  • Two Video – 13:11
  • One Reading – 6:00
  • Two Activity – 8:00

Module Twelve: Moving Forward

15 min to complete this module

The last module is going to guide you on how to move forward with all the knowledge that you have gained. So that you can keep the new healthy habits you have developed through your journey in the course.

  • One Video – 10:44
  • One Reading – 1:00
  • One Activity– 3:00

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