Google Forms Masterclass

299.00 AED

Combo package: purchase Google Forms and Canva course for 500 dhs ONLY

About the course:

Google Forms is a powerful tool that can be used in different ways to gather, store, organize, and evaluate information. Google Forms is one of the Google apps that provides users with a free tool to use in various environments. It is web-based, and an internet connection is required to use its features. As it is one of Google applications, it links to Google sheet, which displays the results for analysis. In order to leverage the use cases of Google Forms, you need to first master the art of creating a feature-rich Google Form. 

In this course, you will learn everything about Google Forms starting from the most basic to the most advanced features. You will get the chance to learn how to create a different kind of question and design different types of forms to target various audiences. Through this learning journey, you will hone skills that will help you grow your skills in understanding Google apps functions.

Learning Objective:

After completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic use of Google Forms
  • Create different kinds of questions for different reasons
  • Export data from Google Forms to Google sheet
  • Managing responses collected from the form
  • Utilize the advanced features of Google Forms


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Yahya Zakir Sait

General Manager, Gulf Infotech

Yahya is a Certified Google Cloud Collaboration Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert along with having other Technical and Business Certifications. He is a Cloud and Technology Expert, who gets his joy exploring the internet in search of new solutions and information along with applying his findings in various activities within his professional and personal space. He has delivered multiple trainings online and physically to individuals and corporations from various backgrounds. He comes from a background of performance & self-motivation.

Course content (Three hours to complete):

Module One: Get Started

14 min to complete this module

The first module will cover the basic information about creating forms and navigating the results collected. In this part, you will learn the fundamentals of Google Forms to use in your daily activities.

  • Two Videos – 14:23

Module Two: Deep Dive into Google Forms

44 min to complete this module

This module will explain how to create different question types, and review them through a live form. It will also take you through the steps of exporting the data collected into Google sheets.

  • Five Videos – 38:41
  • One Activity – 5:00

Module Three: Dive Further into Google Forms

35 min to complete this module

The third module will dive into advanced features that can be used in creating forms. The module will include learning how to add images, videos, sections, importing questions from other Google forms, and the method of sharing the forms with others.

  • Seven Videos – 35:04

Module Four: Configuring a Google Form

21 min to complete this module

This module will contain information about creating headers with Canva and integrating them in Google Forms. In addition, it will explain how to update themes, understand the settings, and print the Google forms.

  • Six Videos – 16:10
  • One Activity – 5:00

Module Five: Add Features to your Google Form with Add-Ons

24 min to complete this module

The last module will demonstrate add ons to use within the Google forms to take it to the next stage and learn about enabling notifications and automated emails.

  • Three Videos – 13:56
  • One Activity – 10:00

Additional Resources:

One Resources – 3:25

Discussion Forum: