Financial Coaching for Hospitality


Poor Leadership and Lack of Communication are costing you money. You Need to Conquer Your Financials with the Hotel Financial Coach, David Lund.

If you are losing sleep at night because your profit lines are sagging it’s more than likely that your hotel departments lack financial understanding. Expert Hotel Financial Coach, David Lund shows you how to effectively manage your operational finances with a proven system that results in higher profits. Whether you’re an owner looking to stop the financial hemorrhaging or working in Operations and wanting to grow your career, you must understand how money comes in and where it goes out of your hotel.

Meet Your Instructor

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David Lund is a hospitality financial leadership pioneer who has branded himself “The Hotel Financial Coach.” Just as any great hotel is true to their brand, so is David. His client commitment is about exceptional service. And his #1 focus is to help his clients be more prosperous as individuals or teams.

His services include Financial Leadership Workshops, Personalized 1:1 Financial Leadership Mentoring, Professional Speaking, Financial Statement Design, Financial System Design, Policy Manual Creation and Hotel Financial Consulting.