Financial Coaching for Hospitality


About the course:

Managing your business finances is a critical part of the job to maintain success and glory. Poor leadership and lack of communication can cost a lot of money that is why it is very important to understand how to conquer your finical strategies. Through the tutorial, you will get a chance to focus on hospitality and understating how to manage cash flow. You will have the chance to understand where the extra expenses come from and how to control them to transform them into positive income. It is essential to understand the issue in your organization that is causing the finical instability.

Having the basic skills to lead your organization and understand the flow profit through using the flow-through strategy for each department will improve productivity. Through this tutorial, you will get the chance to know more about business analysis and analyzing your money stage, which will assist you to evaluate your business financial status. Whether you want to grow your career or stop finical hemorrhaging or work in the operation, understanding how money comes in and where it goes out of your hotel is required for growth and better results. 

Learning Objective:

After completion of the tutorial participants will be able to:

  • Understand the flow through concept
  • Determine the financial issues within the hotel


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David Lund

Hotel Financial Coach, USA

David is a hospitality financial leadership pioneer who has branded himself as the hotel financial coach. He has done multiple financial leadership workshops, personalized finical leadership mentoring one-to-one, professional speaking, financial statement design, financial system design, policy manual creation, and hotel financial consulting. He has over 30 years of experience as a regional controller, corporate finance director, hotel manager, and controller throughout North America at multiple locations. He helps individuals and teams to build their skills to excellence. He has worked with large hotel firms including, but not limited to Fairmont, Sheraton, Roosevelt, and Hilton.

Tutorial content (3 minutes):

Module One: Financial Leadership Mentoring

3 min to complete this module

This videos will give you a brief intro to financial leadership skills to manage the finances of your hotel. Plus, you will get a quick start on the concept of flow through.

  • Two Videos – 2:21

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