Doodle in my Journal

225.00 AED

Disclaimer: This course will start first day of Ramadan

About the course:

Doodle in my Ramadan Journal is an innovative Goal setting course themed around the month of Ramadan. Keeping doodling and journaling in Ramadan is a gateway for participants to use their creative side and stay connected in the holy month. This course will be the space of learning to allow you to connect with God, yourself, and everything around you. The modules of the course will take you through a journey of self-awareness in Ramadan to reflect on your actions in the past days and plan your future. This course can be the step you take through this month to expand your artist and religious side.

A careful mix of Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as therapeutic art in this course gives the student an insight into their subconscious mind. Doodle in My Ramadan journal is designed to engage both the creative and the critical brain - focused towards solid Ramadan goals, to provide clarity of thought, focus, and relaxation.

Learning Objective:

After completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Scientific benefits of Doodling and Journaling
  • Deriving one’s own value system
  • Ramadan and long term goals
  • Doodling techniques
  • Vision Board
  • Dua Manifestation Techniques


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Kiran Shah

International Artist, Author, Life Coach (Expertise in NLP, MER, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy), Self Employed

Kiran Shah is an award-winning author of her debut book called Pink Shoes and Jilbaab – Not Your Average Hijab Guide. She is also an international artist and a women empowerment coach. Her paintings were displayed in numerous countries including in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. She holds several certifications in NLP, Life Coaching, MER, Emotional Intelligence, and Hypnotherapy. She was considered as one of the "Women at the Helm" by Khaleej Times in 2018, honored as one of "The Thriving Hijabs" in the UAE, and acknowledged again by Khaleej Times in 2021 for her women-centric book. Her second book is soon to be on the shelves!

Course content (4 Hours & 58 Minute to complete the whole course):

Module One: Introduction

1 hour to complete this module

The first module will explain the importance of keeping a journal in Ramadan and doodling to achieve the goals we set for the holy month. In addition to understanding the importance of art in Islam.

  • Six Videos – 55:13
  • One Activity – 10:00

Module Two: Wheel of life

1 hour & 30 min to complete this module

The second module will focus on the wheel of life to create your visions and transfer them into doodles and art.

  • Seven Videos – 1:32:00
  • One Activity– 10:00

Module Three: Vision Board and goal values

54 min to complete this module

This module will be about core values, how it affects our lives, and building a stronger relationship with God through dua.

  • Six Videos – 54:06
  • One Activity– 10:00

Module Four: Eid Rituals and presents

35 min to complete this module

The last module will focus on rewarding yourself after a month of fasting long hours.

  • Three Videos – 35:03
  • One Activity– 10:00

Additional Resources:

Seven Resources – 7:00

Discussion Forum: