Canva 3.0 Masterclass - From Beginner to Designer

299.00 AED

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About the course:

Canva is a design tool that allows beginners to be designers. It is a platform that has multiple features and characteristics that make it stand out from all other designing tools. Canva gives you the chance to create your design and turn your creative imagination into artistic pieces of work. As a digital tool, it is very flexible and easy to navigate through once you understand how to work with it is tools. While using Canva the limit is the sky, you can create a post for your social media platform or YouTube channel or even design your own presentation from scratch.


This course is structured to support a diverse audience from nonprofessional design backgrounds, so they can learn the foundations of designing and shape their own skills to stand out from others. Being a designer needs a lot of creativity, imagination, and innovation to create special designs. The course will take you through the journey of developing all the skills you require to be confident and dependent in creating your own unique masterpiece


Learning Objective:

After completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of design
  • Enhance their designing skills
  • Design any concept from scratch
  • Create original work
  • Utilize Canva features
  • Earn money from Canva design
  • Animate any design created


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Yahya Zakir Sait

General Manager, Gulf Infotech

Yahya is a Certified Google Cloud Collaboration Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert along with having other Technical and Business Certifications. He is a Cloud and Technology Expert, who gets his joy exploring the internet in search of new solutions and information along with applying his findings in various activities within his professional and personal space. He has delivered multiple trainings online and physically to individuals and corporations from various backgrounds. He comes from a background of performance & selfmotivation.

Course content (4 Hours 11 Minutes to complete the whole course):

Module One: Fundamentals of Design-Part 1

25 min to complete this module

The first module will focus on the fundamentals of design, which will give you a better understanding of how to divide your working space and the ratios of designing.

  • Five Videos – 24:54

Module Two: Fundamentals of Design-Part 2

29 min to complete this module

The second module will go deeper into designing and how to choose the right colors for your design. In this module, you will have the chance to discover the guidelines of different branding and the art of attraction.

  • Five Videos – 22:06
  • One Activity – 7:00

Module Three: Getting Started with Canva

36 min to complete this module

This module will discuss how to get started with Canva from creating an account to designing temples. It will start from the beginning on how to start to develop your skills to expertise. Plus, it will cover how to develop and improve your designs.

  • Four Videos – 35:39

Module Four: Learn more about Canva Features

27 min to complete this module

This module will teach you more about Canva features and how to manage its free features to maximize your designs.

  • Six Videos – 26:33

Module Five: Designing on Canva

47 min to complete this module

In this module, you will dive deep into Canva. You will get into designing using layers, transparency, watermark, animating your design, and collaborating with your team through Canva desgin.

  • Eleven Videos – 32:11
  • One Activity – 15:00

Module Six: Advanced Designing with Canva-Part 1

20 min to complete this module

This module will take you on an advanced journey with Canva getting the chance to learn about creating your own social media post and removing backgrounds to customize your photos.

  • Two Videos – 19:19

Module Seven: Advanced Designing with Canva-Part 2

59 min to complete this module

n this module will have the chance to explore the latest techniques that you will need to be an expert in using in Canva. This will include recording the screen and creating a youtube thumbnail.

  • Three Videos – 29:11
  • One Activity – 30:00

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